Team ViGIR

I was a member of Team ViGIR for the DARPA Robotics Challenge from January through June of 2015. While on the team, I developed software to ensure robust communication in a simulated disaster scenario, with a low-bandwidth/intermittent network connection from the operator to the robot.

DRC Finals overview video

Team ViGIR (Virginia-Germany Interdisciplinary Robotics), comprising researchers from TORC Robotics, Technische Universit├Ąt (TU) Darmstadt, Virginia Tech, Oregon State University, Cornell University, and the Leibniz University Hanover was a collaborative research and development effort aimed at advancing the state-of-the-art in humanoid robot control in order to allow for effective human-robot teams. Our goal was to enable robots to more effectively respond to humanitarian disasters, thereby reducing the risk to humans.

Timelapse of Team ViGIR's robot during the finals event
You can see me in the video. I'm one of the people in the blue vests :)

Team ViGIR Feature Video produced by DARPA before the competition in 2015